IDODI is a software company providing applications, which are focused on the user instead of the technique. We call it ‘Software At Your Service'. IDODI designs, develops and improves applications and ensures an optimal collaboration between IT-systems by using the right integration solutions. For a very affordable price.

The name IDODI refers to the role that our applications fulfill within your organization: In Data Out Data In. In other words, the processing of data. Together, our professionals manage all disciplines in the information and technology sector. From front-end web applications to the latest mobile applications for tablet or smartphone. Through our years of experience in software development, we know that it is very important to you as a customer that applications are flexible, manageable and easy to use.

Our corporate culture is open and transparent. That’s why we are focused on sharing knowledge and we prefer an honest cooperation. We think it is important to look further than is strictly necessary with the main goal to be both successful and satisfied. Together, u and we.

Are you interested in our approach and would you like to know more about our applications? Please contact us for a free introduction. We ensure you that you will be pleasantly surprised!