ID Profiler

IDODI is still surprised about the current Card Management Systems (CMS). In almost all of these systems it is about the card (often RFID), instead of the user. From that amazement we have developed ID Profiler. An all-inclusive identifiermanagementsystem, which can be used for many purposes. With ID Profiler all data, restrictions and authorizations are linked to the individual. Data doesn’t get lost anymore when it is moved and changes in the system only need to be made once. There is no system, which is all about the user and from which all the requested functionality is being offered. This makes ID Profiler so unique and suitable for any application.

All source files, data and systems, which are present in your business, can be integrated safely with the identifiermanagementsystem of ID Profiler. This provides clarity, efficiency and gives you a clear overview of all business processes. You can link ID Profiler directly to databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Python, PostgreSQL and MS Access. Invoking web services (JSON, XML, SOAP, REST) is also possible, as is the provision of XML and/or CSV files.

You can integrate ID Profiler with for example Card Management Systems, payment systems, access control systems or visitor registration systems. ID Profiler has many possibilities, that’s why we call it the key to our mission ‘Software At Your Service’. For more information about this unique identifiermanagementsystem, you can take a look at




Would you like to see, quick and easy, if users were present at a particular time? Do you want to know if someone is allowed to participate in a particular activity? Our mobile RFID handheld scanner with CardVerify application is the answer. By scanning the user ID, that person will be registered. During registration, the system checks the person at the same time. This data gets stored and is later used for reporting. This way you will always know who was present where at what time, and whether it was with or without permission.

    CardVerify is useful for, for example:

  • Access control;
  • Emergency registration;
  • Identification and checking;
  • Issuance of postal packages and Christmas hampers;
  • Membership of, for example, staff association;

CardVerify is a self-contained product, but it can also be integrated with

Open Source

IDODI is your partner when it comes to working with web-based applications, whether or not they are Cloud-based. We are at the forefront when it comes to the latest developments and with our IT-solutions we choose for well-developed open source software. These flexible and scalable components offer an outstanding (basic) functionality to realize the final IT-solution. Also, adaption and integration of existing systems is possible. This makes sure that the final IT-solution is capable of adjusting easily and quickly when the system changes or extends. Besides that, IDODI also pays much attention to a simple and accessible user interface, because we believe that everyone should be able to work quick and simple with the application. Therefore we use the ‘Less Is More’ approach for each screen.

An online manual is immediately available for each input field, so thick printed manuals now belong to the past. Furthermore, you often don’t need to pay a license fee for open source software, which is good for your budget! And finally, IDODI always uses platform-independent software, so all of our applications run on both Windows and Linux servers. And to all applies: no matter what we develop and build for you, you are always in control!

Nederland ICT

NNetherlands ICT is the trade association for over 550 ICT companies in the Netherlands , 80% for small and medium belongs. Also the largest IT companies in the Netherlands are members. Netherlands ICT represents a sector with a turnover of € 30 billion , which employs a quarter of a million people and contributes to 70% of all innovations.

ICT Nederland

Safe and reliable

IDODI uses the escrow agreement escrowregeling. This protects your office automation and processes, in case IDODI goes bankrupt or is taken over by another company. You will then receive the source code and the fundamental building blocks of the application so you can continue the maintenance and upkeep of your software. Also, our products get tested, checked and compiled several times a year. This makes our products very reliable.

IDODI is partner of the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program.